ECC, Executive Coatings began operations in the Denver Metro area in the mid 1990’s specializing in painting apartment complexes. Owners and Managers quickly learned that unlike many painting contractors, we are reliable, easy to do business with and proudly stand by our work.  In order to fulfill our clients needs,  Executive Coatings began offering services such as wood replacement, re-siding, floor coatings and roof replacement. We are now one of the largest apartment painting and renovation companies in the Western U.S.  Once we gained the praise and trust of major companies, we began expanding our services to other states to fulfill their needs. We have since opened two regional headquarters in Seattle, Washington and Irvine, California with field offices quickly opening in Portland, Phoenix, Dallas, Austin, San Jose and Las Vegas.


Most of our management and support staff have been with Executive Coatings for many years, several since our very beginning. There’s a good reason for it, too. We offer a positive, stimulating work environment for all of our team members. One that empowers them to act in ways that offer our customers what we believe is the best customer service in the Multi-Family Industry.