In the summer of 2015, Executive Coatings began a very exciting high rise apartment painting project in the heart of Belltown located in Seattle, WA. Skye at Belltown is an 18 story High Rise with 371 units, located at 500 Wall Street, Seattle. This exterior painting project included an extensive amount of prep work, which included stripping the paint off the building down to bare concrete in several  areas. This process consists of using a chemical peel away using Dumond products, grinding and sanding, depending on the condition of areas. We then began power washing all areas as needed to ensure a clean area to prime and paint. ECC takes pride in the outcome of every project we take on, so we cut no corners to ensure this building was prepped to not only Executive Coatings’ standards, but to the owners, Mill Creek Residential as well. Once the buildings were clean, we then primed and waterproofed all bare concrete with BASF products and were ready to change the entire look of this iconic Seattle High Rise.

High Rise Apartment Painting

If you are in downtown Seattle, you can always spot Skye at Belltown, so we were very excited to see Mill Creek Residential choose a color scheme that stood out from the rest. High Rise Apartment Painting is not a project that just any painting company can take on. Executive Coatings has the experience to take on such projects that entail so much detail that this property needed to stand out for years to come. One of the highlights of this project is that it does stand out when you are flying over downtown Seattle into SeaTac Airport. Make sure to keep an eye out.

We not only take pride in doing quality work, but we also take pride in seeing neighborhoods like Belltown change. Updated exteriors bring up property value, sense of pride for owners/residents and bring in more business to the area. We look forward to working on more high rise apartment painting like Skye Belltown.