ECC, Executive Coatings and Contracting specializes in many different types of re-siding. Fiber Cement (Hardie) and Vinyl being the most popular choices by apartment communities.

Fiber cement siding is a durable and reliable choice to protect against all the elements. With it’s strength, beauty and durability, fiber cement siding enhances and protects your property in all weather conditions. It comes in various looks, styles, colors and textures. All of which are engineered for various climates. Executive Coatings And Contracting has the experience and expertise to install and replace fiber cement siding in a professional and timely manner. We would love to discuss the many options of what residing with this¬†product can provide for your apartment community.

To begin any apartment community reside we always wrap your entire buildings in weather barrier. This may be Tyvek or Jumbo Tex, depending on your preference. ECC then installs ice and water shield around all your windows, doors, inside and outside corners to ensure they are weather tight. Next, we install flashing at all doors and windows to allow for proper drainage. After all of your buildings have been fully protected, now our crews are ready to install new siding to your building.

Residing a building can change the whole look and dynamic of your apartment complex, going from old and outdated to new and appealing. If you chose to make an investment in new siding, you will get a look that you love and can eliminate many future maintenance headaches.