Our success can be measured in how long we’ve worked with the same owners and management companies.

We have business relationships going back over 15 years. No matter how many other contractors come along, they know we are the company to get things done in a professional and timely manner, time and time again.

Since 2008 Executive Coatings has worked on my projects varying in size, complexity and in multiple states spanning the West coast. Executive Coatings has gained the trust and respect of our company by consistently executing our projects with expertise, professionalism and above all quality of workmanship.

The character and integrity of a company can be judged on how they respond when problems arise, not when things are going perfectly. One of the qualities that makes Executive Coatings stand out above the rest of the contractors I have worked with is the simple fact of when an issue arises, they are quick to rectify without complications or hassle. Over the years working with Executive Coatings they have been consistent with their knowledge, execution and professionalism.


Executive Coatings and Contracting. They are a large regional firm that does exclusively commercial projects specializing apartment complexes. These 3 projects were conducted with zero significant problems. The same crew worked on all 3 projects. They have an excellent supervisor who was easy to work with. Just to give you an idea this included performing extensive color testing and revisions, first on the back of one of the garages (5 ft x 5 ft square of a dozen samples) then on 1/4 of an entire building which lead to some additional changes. All done with patience and the message that he was there to make sure I was satisfied. Most of his crew has been with him for many years and they are superb painters. The tenants, managers and maintenance people at all 3 complexes were very happy with the communication and coordination of the jobs. In addition, when I’d come to inspect, tenants would stop me because they wanted to let me know their positive impressions about the workers – fast, pleasant, quiet, clean. And I can only add that from prep to trim, including their work ethic, quality of painting, thoroughness, attention to detail, and good spirited enthusiasm, I highly recommend Executive Coatings and Contracting for these reasons and for their competitive pricing. A good price for an outstanding job. A rare combination.


Capital Improvements are no walk in the park, ECC makes it a breeze for us.


I have had the pleasure to work with Executive Coatings on three of my properties over the last few years. I cannot fathom the idea of working with anyone else in the industry. Executive Coatings is the definition of quality in the Multi Family Industry.


We recently hired Executive Coatings And Contracting to do a large scale renovation that included siding and carpentry and a full exterior repaint. We experienced nothing but first class treatment from the bidding process to the final walk through. Not only did we add value to our newly acquired property, it looks brand new as well. Looking forward to working with Executive Coatings in the future.


Executive Coatings And Contracting has been my “go to” contractor for many years on all of my Condo and Townhome associations that I manage in the Front Range area. They have done everything from Exterior Painting to full roof replacements. They even give fair options to my boards on breaking into yearly phase work. I have worked with others in the past and have found that no other company truly stands by their work like Executive Coatings”


Executive Coatings recently renovated the entire exterior at our large apartment community. This was my first large renovation in the industry and I must say, my standards are set pretty high. The quality, professionalism and communication that I experienced while working with them was the best in the business. Did I mention how amazing our community looks?


I have had the pleasure of working with Executive Coatings And Contracting for over 10 years at my property. The quality of their work is second to none. They are quick, responsive and have been a major factor in the success of this property.


From day one, I have been impressed at Executive Coatings’ professionalism, knowledge and quality of workmanship. Time is always a factor in the building industry. From start date to completion, Executive Coatings has been tremendous in this area, meeting our completion dates, never losing sight of quality and leaving residents happy. A business is all about having the correct people in the right places and Executive Coatings has this, which shows through in their quality and caring for the customer. Perhaps one of the best things about Executive Coatings is their response rate, from returning a call quickly to being able to start new projects ASAP. Executive Coatings has done such a great job for us that we have been able to give them the opportunity to expand into our Phoenix, Portland and Seattle regions.


Executive Coatings works hard to give me the highest level of service at the best price. It is great to work with a contractor and not have problems.